Call of Duty

What type of game is Call of Duty

Call of Duty (CoD) is a type of first-person shooter video game franchise that developed by Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games, and published by Activision. The first CoD game was released in 2003. Since then, this game has become one of the most popular and successful game franchises of all time. The recent popular version of the game is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 that has released in October 2018, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty involves players assuming the role of a soldier in a fictional military conflict and engaging in combat against enemy forces. The series explores various time periods, from World War II to modern-day conflicts and even futuristic settings. The game features a range of game modes, including single-player campaigns, co-operative modes, and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer mode is a major component of the games, and it has become a popular esports title. In multiplayer mode, players compete against each other in various game modes, such as team death match and capture the flag. Players earn experience points and level up to unlock new weapons, equipment, and perks to customize their gameplay experience.

How to play Call of Duty?

Playing Call of Duty is so much fun. Because this game has different series, lead to specific gameplay. This game is using a first-person perspective and involves shooting at target enemies. Here are some basic steps to get familiar with CoD:

  1. Choose your game mode: CoD typically offers a variety of game modes to choose from, including single-player campaigns, co-operative modes, and multiplayer modes. Select the mode you want to play.
  2. Customize your loadout: In multiplayer mode, you can customize your loadout by selecting weapons, attachments, perks, and other equipment to use during the game. You can also earn experience points and level up to unlock new weapons and equipment.
  3. Start the game: Once you have selected your mode and customized your loadout (if applicable), you can start the game. The gameplay will vary depending on the mode you chose. In single-player mode, you will follow a pre-determined storyline, while in multiplayer mode, you will compete against other players.
  4. Move and shoot: To play CoD, you will need to move your character using the keyboard or controller and aim and shoot at enemy targets using the mouse or other controls. The game will provide you with objectives and goals to achieve, such as capturing a flag or eliminating enemy targets.
  5. Complete the game: The game will continue until you complete the objectives or until you are eliminated. In multiplayer mode, you can respawn after being eliminated and continue playing until the time limit or score limit is reached.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 released in October 2018 by developer Treyarch. Black Ops 4 was written by Dave Anthony, and its director is Jason Blundell. The composer is Jack Wall. Black Ops 4’s platforms are PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. This genre of the series is First-person shooter, battle royale.

Gameplay of Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is not featuring a traditional single-player, and contains multiplayer, zombies and blackout modes.

Call of Duty Mobile

Do you know that you can play Call of Duty on PC and Mobile? Yes, it is “Call of Duty Mobile” which available to download free on iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. There, you can create an account, or log in your existence account. The game can be played by using touch controls, or you can connect a controller to your mobile device for a more traditional console experience. The CoD Mobile is similar gameplay to the console and PC versions, including multiplayer modes such as team deathmatch, domination, and battle royale. Call of Duty Mobile also includes features such as daily and weekly challenges, as well as in-game events and rewards. The game is regularly updated with new content, such as maps, weapons, and game modes, to keep players engaged and entertained.