ESports Bookmakers

What is ESports Bookmakers

Esports Bookmakers or Esports Bookies is a person, or an organization, or a company that accepts bets and pays off bet on esports events. Bookmaker is also known as betting places or betting websites, namely They provide odds of each betting options. When the bet win, you will earn from that odds margins. Since the online business is highly developed, using esports bookies as online betting websites get benefit.

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Types of Esports Bets

Betting markets for esports various in different categories depend on the tournament rule and format. There are main types of wagers for the games such:
. Winner: Esports is like the sports that 2 teams or individual place against each other to win the match. Most of esports tournaments demand a winner (no draw). Place a bet on a winner is so commons.
. Map Winner: For some games you have option to bet on a team that win the specific map like League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2.
. Over/Under: Placing a bet on Over or Under means you bet on number of scores, or goals, or maps, or kills, or golds.
. Correct Score: When you’re likely sure about the performance of the teams. Bet on Correct Score is not bad. It means you place a bet on the final result of the match. The winner win how much and lose team.
. Handicap: This kind of bet option only available for bigger tournament. The bookmakers get a margin to unfavorable team for a small advantage. So, place a bet on Handicap is like you add some points to the team you bet. For instance, you place a bet on Team 1 that has 2 advantage against team 2. The match result is 1 – 2. The 2 points handicap add to the results for team 1, that make the result revises to 3 – 2 that make your wager win.
. Odd/Even: To place a bet on Odd or Even is referred to the final results or number of total scores. This bet only for tournaments that have result more than 1. For example: League of Legend Brazilian Championship doesn’t have this market for betting. This CBLoL matches have only 1 map and result is only 1 – 0 or 0 – 1, that mean odds number.

How to bet on Esports

Esports become so popular among different type and age of people around the world. As the result, eSports also become the most fun to bet and win. There are some steps to take before can bet esports with any online betting website. First, you need to register an account with a betting site (bookmaker). Then, fund your betting account. After that, you can place any bet in play match or pre-match. When you find your account has more money that earn from the match you win bet. You can withdraw this money from betting account to your personal bank account or so.

Create a betting Account

In order to be able to bet, first you need to open an account with a betting website. So, how to create an account with an esports bookmaker? For instance, you’re going to register, the biggest online betting website for eSports. 1xBET has many currencies available for different countries. That’s important to choose the right currency when you register. Because if you select the currency that doesn’t use in your country of resident. You may have a hard time to deposit. Like you’re living in South Korea, but you choose USD (US Dollar) instead of KRW (South Korean won). As a result, when you deposit, you may not find the right method to deposit. Even there is a method, you may lose some money for the currency exchange rate conversion. You may need to ask 1xBET support team to change your currency. Then you may be asked to close your account to create a new one. So, to avoid all that troubles, select all information correctly according to your personal information.

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First: Click on the Registration button. Using E-mail method to register helps build up your betting account faster.
Second: Enter your personal details such as: Your name, Your account, email, phone number, password, etc.
In some case, you need to confirm your email after register.