Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive eSports Tournaments

The CS: GO tournament hierarchy is called different from some other esports categories. Currently, there are five types of competitions in Esports categories of Global Offensive. The biggest torments are CS:Go Major Championships (Majors). This is the top one that has the highest prize pool, at least 1,000,000 USD. The top-tier of the tournament is A-Tier Events, which are known as Major Tournaments in the previous season. This type of tournaments have a large prize pool and high level esports teams. Most of the CS:GO international tournaments mostly known as CS:GO Major Championships, some label as S-Tier Event.

S-Tier Tournaments were known as Premier Tournaments. This is the type of events that have high prize pool and mostly play offline. The S-Tier tournaments are featured with the best teams. Most of the well-known S-Tier are:

A-Tier Tournaments were known as Major Tournaments that offer a large prize pool. Teams participant are the top-tier of the CSGO eSports. The most famous A-Tier events are:

  • Global Esports Tour
  • LAN Sweet LAN
  • ESL Challengers at DreamHack
  • Copenhagen Games
  • Funspark ULTI
  • Elisa Invitational
  • v4 Future Sports Festival
  • DreamHack Open

B-Tier Tournaments are the Tier 2 events. The B-Tier is new that play in smaller LAN with a medium prize pool. The most popular tournaments are:

  • ESL Pro League Conference
  • CBCS
  • JBL Quantum Cup
  • Funspark ULTI
  • Exeedme Revolution
  • BLAST Rising LATAM
  • ESEA: Premier Division
  • IESF World Championship
  • 99Liga Div. 1
  • KeyDrop Cup
  • Svenska Elitserien.

C-Tier Tournaments were former known as Minor Tournaments. It is the lowest Tier of CSGO eSport tournaments, yet they offer the good prize pool. The C-Tier events are still interesting to see, such as:

  • Fragleague
  • 5E Open Cup Invitational
  • GCS Cup
  • LVP Supercopa
  • National League
  • Testament Cup
  • RESF Open Cup
  • ESEA: Open Division
  • MESL Ultimate Cup
  • ROG Master.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Betting Markets

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the eSport game that has a wide range of tournaments. Let just look at the betting markets of It’s the best website that provides simple but various betting market. For small tournaments of CS:GO like B-Tier and C-Tier, mostly the choices to place a wager are:

  • 1×2 Winner
  • Total map Handicap
  • Total Rounds Even/Odd.

For the bigger competitions like S-Tiers and A-Tier that have more maps, the betting options for each match could be:

  • Winner 1×2. 1 map
  • Handicap. 1 map
  • Win in Round. 1 map
  • Who will win Pistol Round 1. 1 map
  • Who will win Pistol Round 16. 1 map
  • Who will win X round. 1 map
  • Correct Score. 1 map
  • Total Round Even/Odd. 1 map
  • Will there be overtime?. 1 map