League of Legends Predictions 2023

What is League of Legends?


League of Legends (LOL) is a type of video fantasy game that play between two teams of 5 players. Each player choose their own avatars that is call Champion. There are five types of Champions’ roles like Assassin, Fighter, Marksmen, Mage and Tank. The Victory condition is when one team destroy the other’s nexus in the base. All teams have three paths which are known as Lanes: Top Lane, Mid-Lane and Bottom Lane. All lanes have turrets that protect the players and the nexus. The other important parts of the game are:

  • Minions: spawn regularly by the base of each team. Kill minions will gain the player’s gold to purchase items and level up.
  • Turrets: destroy enemy’s turrets will gain golds and chance to win the game.
  • Creeps: Kill creeps give players more power and gold.
  • Dragons: kill dragons expand you and your team gold
  • Nashor: kill Nashor earn gold and power to your team and Minions.
  • Enemy: Killing enemy gain the player’s more power and gold. The more you get killed by enemy, the weaker you become, and wise versa.

When you have gold, you can buy items that empower your champion. The stronger you become, the higher chance you and your team win the game.

Free Predictions of League of Legends Tournaments

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1xPlayz predicts matches of League of Legends as the eSports tournaments in the countries that ESports are recognized and popular. The most well-known esports competitions are:

Types of LOL wagers

Betting on LOL is not complicated, at the end of the matches, there will be only 1 result, win or lose. In a tournament, the match between team A and team B, there is a choice of who win that match. Unlike the other esports, League of Legends have different market to bet that mostly apply to the Major and Premier tier tournaments.

What to bet on 1 Map Matches

Some of the countries that set format for tournaments of League of Legends to play 1 map a match are: Europe, Japan, Brazil, America. The most famous tournaments such as: European Championship, European Master, Japan League, Brazilian Championship, Champions Series. For each match of 1 map competition, the market to place a bet are:

  • Winner 1×2: Bet on regular time winner team.
  • 1×2. 1 Map: Bet on team win 1 Map.
  • Who will take Tower. 1 Map:
  • Who will bead Dragon. 1 Map
  • Who will beat Nashor. 1 Map
  • First Blood. 1 Map
  • Frags, Handicap. 1 Map
  • Frags, Total. 1 Map
  • Frags, Total Even/Odds. 1 Map
  • Frags, Race To. 1 Map

The market options to place a bet above are only available for the big competition such as The Mid Season Invitational, the World Championship, Pro League China.ect. For some smaller tournaments, player can only bet for 1×2 winner.

What to Bet on More than 2 Maps Matches

It’s more fun, and you have more options to bet on for the matches that have more than 2 maps. Most such as Champions Korea, Pro League and playoffs of most of the top LOL Tournaments.
For the matches that play more than 2 maps, all matches can be bet on:

  • 1×2 winner regular time
  • Total Maps: Over 2.5/Under 2.5 for most of the match. For most of the playoffs matches, the options to bet the maps are Over 4.5/Under 4.5
  • Correct Score: is an option to bet on exact score of the regular time result.
  • Total Maps Handicap.

Even though, the match has 2 maps or 3 maps, the market to bet the match on each of the maps are the same. You may find these options below:

  • 1×2. 1 map winner
  • Who will take the tower. 1 map
  • Who will beat dragon. 1 map
  • Who will beat Nashor. 1 map
  • First Blood. 1 map
  • Frags, Handicap. 1 map
  • Frags, Total. 1 map
  • First To destroy Inhabitor. 1 map
  • Total Nashors Beaten. 1 map
  • Total Dragons beaten. 1 map
  • Total Tower Taken. 1 map
  • Both team to beat Nashor. 1 map
  • Both team to destroy Inhabitor. 1 map
  • Total Destroyed Inhabitors. 1 map.